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Monday, July 2, 2012

My sister's new store, Embroidery MossWear International

My knee-baby sister, Miss Glenda, is a whiz at making something out of nothing!  She's creative, hilarious, intelligent, generous, sweet and business-minded.  The chick has always been an entrepreneur, discovering many years ago that she simply wasn't one for punching another's clock.  Glenda Pearl is the first person in our immediate family to open her own store.  If you are ever in Stockbridge, GA, go in and tell her TheGoldenGoddess said HELLO!

She is the person to know for all of your embroidery needs.  With a visionary eye, she can create any art you can clearly describe.  Need school or workplace uniforms?  She's got you!  Need screen printing on family reunion shirts and other paraphernalia?  She's got you!  Got a Stepping or Motorcycle Club and need a unique logo on your gear?  Miss Halcromb has YOU!  And I know I am overlooking the 1,000 other services she provides, but I'm just her writing sister, giving her a SHOUT-OUT on my blog!  I mean, really, what do I know?

This is a view inside her store!

When you visit, you will be greeted by Debra, her fabulous assistant, who provides SUPERB SERVICE with a smile!

Here is Glenda Pearl and our sister Bernadette, our entrepreneur/beautician/barber sister, who is a  MASTER BARBER!

Miss Glenda is the epitome of fun!  She will have you laughing throughout your visit to her store.

Miss Glenda P. on a cruise last year!  Goodness knows, they should have paid her!  She was the LIFE of the ship!

                                                    Embroidery MossWear International

                               Step out on FAITH and live the Golden Life you were meant to live!


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