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Saturday, October 29, 2011

SPECIAL OFFER Extended To "A Golden Life" Followers

Saludos, My Beloved "A Golden Life" Followers!

Good evening! Buenas noches!

On this lovely rainy evening, I am scintillating with the glad tidings of the arrival of my new e-book, "Wanda B. Sings the Bailout Blues." Above is the Kindle cover. Am I ever proud of it! In my heart, I am getting better and better with formatting my books and designing my covers. Especially my paperback covers, which I create with the aid of Amazon's CreateSpace's free cover designer for independent authors. If anyone knows of a cover-creator program for e-books, please share, as it behooves me to learn all that I can about new publishing software, considering I wear all the hats of my trade: writer, editor, book designer, marketer and promoter.

Mind you, I do not begrudge the variety in my hats. I am too grateful for my innate and learned abilities from a life-long love of reading, writing and English Education degrees. One day, I know I will have professionals, same as the ones in traditional publishing houses, to join me in bringing my stories to the world! Until then, I thank the Universe that I AM enough!

On to your SPECIAL OFFER, Beloveds...

I, Claudia Moss, the Golden Goddess, extend to you a FREE copy of "Wanda B. Sings the Bailout Blues" for being a cherished follower of my blog. If you are interested in receiving your copy of the third book in the Wanda B. Wonders series, please write me here or communicate with me at my private e-mail,

Once I receive your communique indicating your confirmation that it is okay to send you the story collection, I will send you a PDF of the work or a Kindle e-book! ( Kindle, no worries! Just go to Amazon and download the FREE APP, and you are on your way to e-reading revelry.)

I pose this Special Offer to you not only because I adore you for joining my blog but also because I need your HONEST FEEDBACK. If you will, after reading the work, please write a REVIEW on Amazon. In all sincerity, I crave reviews. Simply put! Many readers pan for reviews before they purchase a work, curious about what others thought about the book, seeking to glean whether something in the reviewer's feedback will strike a nerve or throb a chord within them. And that's dandy, for the reader who requires that!

Now this is the cover of my softback book. It isn't available on Amazon yet, but if you'd prefer a copy, please let me know in your e-mail. I will send you a PDF so that you can begin the reading while awaiting a copy of the book.

Taking nothing for granted, I thank the Universe for your presence. The series was over a decade in the making, with me trusting and believing it would be shared with others one day. That said, remember this...NEVER GIVE UP AND HOLD FAST TO YOUR DREAMS!

Te doy mucho amor ahora y siempre....


Friday, October 28, 2011

A Wealthy State of Mind...

Yesterday, if someone had asked me what wealth, true wealth, looked like, I might have answered: "A six-figure job that allows you leisure and the freedom from worry, financial worry. Or a writing career with one New York Times bestseller after another coming hot off the press. Today that answer is a notion of the past. True wealth, I now know, is a mindset, an inner belief that I possess the divine ability to draw to me the things, the people, the situations and the experiences that I desire on this journey that is my life.

True, a six-figure income is a treasure, a find, in many minds, and especially so in our taxing times. But if it suddenly went the way of so many foreclosed houses, then what would you have? Nothing? Or a healthy, wealthy state of mind that accepts things come and go, with the next opportunity around the corner, present by Divine arrangement?

Same with the bestselling writing career. If it dried drier than the Sahara, then what? Do you crumble? Banish anything that reminds you who you once were? Detest other successful authors? Or do you go within to know what your next greatest adventure will be Spiritually?

With a rich, Empire State state-of-mind, I understand that my present circumstances are a result of my past thinking, my prior conditioning. Circumstances are a smoke screen of images. Drifting like clouds across the horizon of my life. Truly, they come and they go. Attempting to hold one any longer than it is supposed to dot my skies would be begging for rain...from my eyes and my soul. So today I cultivate peace, Presence and Stillness. I sit or lie quietly, as alert as your heart when waiting for the words, "I love you," from a beloved's lips.

I sit and practice being aware of my breath and thoughts. I step out of the mental waterfall at times and leap into them at others, desiring the coolness of their spray. I channel them to caress whatever I have chosen to bring to my Everyday. No, I don't have to physically see the experience. The Divine handles that. My part is to stand in my bathroom mirror and admit to myself that I know not the way...on most days! Yet I know that by believing and asking, it will come. Exactly as the Divine wants me to experience that for which I've asked...but more majestically than I could ever imagine!

Words. Thoughts. Wishes. Beliefs. They are as real as the clacking keys under my fingertips. As tangible as the after-midnight treats I shall uncover in the kitchen in a few minutes. (Uh huh! I eat whenever my tummy speaks. Don't care the hour or what the latest health guru thinks.) I practice "feeling" the power in my beliefs.

From time to time, I believe it's paramount to give oneself a Belief Check-up. The very thing that might be holding you back from experiencing what you really want to experience might just be an "underlying belief" in an unexamined belief system. Why not join me by scanning yours now?

What do you believe about YOU? I'd love for you to speak to me. To step out of the blogsphere---at 2:40 AM, which is my time now---and engage me! I don't mind. Be anonymous if you like. Just come off the roll and be. Exchange is a beautiful thing!

I believe I create the wealth and beauty of my world.
I believe I am a lovely, talented woman, with a magnanimous Spirit.
I believe my experiences make me a richer person.
I believe my perception of any situation can mean the difference between the mountaintop or the valley floor.

I believe the people in my life are precious and purposeful, not a happenstance, even the ones who came to teach me seemingly "hard" lessons.
I believe I am equip with all that I need to soar.
I believe gratitude takes me where I want to go with lightening speed.
I believe all that I desire is already present, waiting patiently for me to align myself with it vibrationally.

The photo above is from my cache of photos from my 2010 Christmas in Saint Thomas. It is an inner view of one of my ideals of Paradise. Whenever I require a repeat visit while sitting here in my comfortable, quiet and ordered writing space, I silence the lights. Invite moonlight to recline across my desk. Tickle my candles' wicks. And sit crosslegged on a navy-blue paisley sofa and dream for seventeen minutes or so. I "feel" again the kiss of the ocean...the smog-free breeze draping my shoulders and nuzzling my earlobes...hear island music in the trees..."feel" its rhythms in my feet...adore the passing wind in my locs and taste the island's pulse on my tongue.

O what a luscious place to be...mentally, before I spread my arms and twirl in Cayman Island sun.

October 28, 2011