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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Robin G. White: An Award-Winning Poet Who Humbles the Soul

Sylvia McAfee created the cover image for Reflections.

Award-winning author, Robin G. White releases her long awaited second collection of poetry, Reflections of a Life Well Spent on March 31st, 2012.

Award-winning writer, Robin G. White is the author of two published collections of poetry, Resurrection: A Collection of Work, Reflections of a Life Well Spent and a forthcoming e-book collection of poems of love and loss titled, When Love Departs. White is the author of two collections of short fiction, First Breath and Intersections and a guided writing journal, Omphaloskepsis Twelve Powers Writing Journal. In addition, she is the pseudonymous author of seven children’s books. Her memoir, One of These Things Is Not Like the Other will arrive in the Fall of 2013.

She is the recipient of numerous awards and honors for her work as a writer and publisher including The Chicago Literary Award, a Georgia Author of the Year Award finalist, the Urban Media Makers Award, an Astraea Foundation Poetry Prize Judge, CUNY Medgar Evers College Writers of Color Alum and the Lambda Literary Award Independent Publisher for Kings Crossing Publishing.

She is the President and CEO of Sunset Pointe Press, which publishes inspirational poetry, self-help, memoir and fiction. She resides in her hometown of Boston, MA.


I had the pleasure of reading Robin's poem, "A New England Morning," on Facebook and, enchanted, felt inspired to ask her a few questions about her artistry.


The New England morning is so much a Presence in this piece until it is a personality as multifaceted as any person I have met! Where are those YouTube vids of you reciting or reading? How long does it take you to pen a poem? Where do you write? What time of day? Night? What is you process for composing? When you finish crafting one, to whom do you present it? Do you lead poetry workshops?


Claudia Moss...That is because there is nothing like a New England morning. The feel of it invokes steel grey turbulent tides and the leather-faced fishermen who greet her.

So, to answer your questions.

---Where are those YouTube vids of you reciting or reading?

Sadly, Beloved there are no YouTube videos of me reciting, although there have been many threats about making them.

---How long does it take you to pen a poem?

I am kind of wired this way, so it takes little to no time to write a poem. Most of them come fully cloaked and ready to harness their power on to the page once I unleash them from my brain.

---Where do you write?

I write everywhere. Like a visual artist sees everything in pictures, I see everything in words and description. I never see a woman's hips I see undulating and curvaceous hips, swinging and birthing hips, I see mountains and hills, landing places and children's beds, I see invitations to love the fullness of the hips. I see everything that way - in great detail.

---What time of day? Night?

I write all day and night. I like night best, really late, often 2,3, 4 in the morning.

---What is you process for composing?

Anything can set me off - a word, a phrase, an idea, TV, radio, someone else's conversation, a slouching body, the touch of a brim of a hat - they all take off with my imagination at any given time of the day any where. I keep journals and pens with me all the time and I just release what comes through me.

---When you finish crafting one, to whom do you present it?

I generally post them on Facebook so everyone can enjoy them and then they end up in a book eventually like "Reflections" which debuts here in Boston on March 31st and "When Love Departs" which comes out on Mother's Day as a tribute to my parents, or "First Breath" which will debut in Atlanta sometime this Spring TBD.


Long Awaited Return by Award-winning Author, Robin G. White

Boston, MA – March 1, 2012 Award-winning author, Robin G. White will release her long awaited second collection of poetry, Reflections of a Life Well Spent (Sunset Pointe Press ISBN #978-0-9838208-0-2) on March 31st, 2012. The collection, which is the first release of her work since the award-winning (Georgia Author of the Year Award finalist, Chicago Literary Award winner) Resurrection: A Collection of Work was released over a decade ago.

The author turned publisher spent nine years focusing her inestimable talents publishing and promoting the works of other writers as one half of the Lambda Literary Award-winning publishing duo of Kings Crossing Publishing. The now defunct company released its authors in 2009 and White moved on to promote new works with her newly acquired Sunset Pointe Press out of Clearwater, FL. The company will work with new authors in the inspiration industry. Reflection of a Life Well Spent is a prime example of the company’s new line.

Reflections of a Life Well Spent focuses on an emotional three-year period of the author’s life following her through the end of her long-term relationship, break-up of her family, joblessness, homelessness, and the death of her birthparents shortly after finding them after a 40-plus year search. And while the reader may expect to find bitterness and despair among the pages, White expresses the numerous losses with candor and grace, arching each challenge with faith, love and a tremendous amount of hope. She dives right into the raw emotions, searching not for answers, but for the lessons that each challenge might bring. The poems become touchstones for her readers who relate to the themes of loss and resolution.

Most of the work in this book has been posted on Facebook over the years, which has offered White a unique understanding of the moving quality of her prose-imbued poetry. Her slice of life and “this is what is happening in the moment” themes read like the diary that they are. Her love for family and friends, children and lovers are all present and are richly palpable on the page. It is enough to make you wonder what she is like in real life.

White expects to do readings and signings at the usual bookstore venues and will follow the award-winning path she took as a publisher with Kings Crossing Publishing by focusing on her inspiration niche. Personal appearances at trade shows, churches, book clubs and private parties will follow the release.

For booking information contact the author at

Jazzthe24KPoet: An Artist Who Creates from a Golden Intend

Jazzthe24KPoet: A Beloved Sisterfriend/Poet Extraordinaire

JAZZ “The24KPoet” is the inimitable author of the independently published poetry collection, PETALS AND PEBBLES. Unforgettable, it is a string of poetic pearls, each poem possessing an opulence of its own. Same as petals and pebbles emanate from the beauty of the natural world, these poetic pearls of wisdom rise from the natural beauty of one woman’s soul. Jazz has been featured in the Spring 2008 issue of Virtue Magazine and the July 2009 issue of About Time Magazine. Joe Pinkney memorialized Jazz and Petals & Pebbles in an interview and a book review on his site, In addition, Jazz was featured on TheClaudiaMossShow on BlogTalkRadio.

Jazz has performed on countless stages in Atlanta, Washington, Baltimore, Durham, Raleigh, Charlotte, Henderson, Fayetteville, Greensboro and Orlando. Like timeless music, Jazz is multifaceted; bringing a sophisticated rhythmic, strong and comprehensive imprint to her poetry. A feature poet, she has mesmerized open mic audiences at Le Niche Jazz Café, Bennu Cultural Center and Barbara Torrant Ministries Grand Opening, the Encouraging Woman Ministries Summer Camp, Yancy’s Jazz Café, Zydeco’s Jazz Café, the Durham Art Festival and the Reggae Roots Festival. On November 19, 2010, Jazz “The24KPoet” was the feature poet for the premiere of Clark Atlanta University’s Jazzman’s Café and Bakery.

Additionally, specializing in pastries and vegetarian creations, she is a personal/gourmet chef, who describes her kitchen as her canvas. Her delectable culinary skills are requested around the country. As a motivational speaker, Jazz advocates for women’s empowerment to counteract sexism, promote positive self-images, and reverse the degeneration of shattered self esteems. Universally, her words adorn womanhood across any imaginable divide.

Jazz is a didactic poet; her intent is to use the sound of her voice and the tip of her pen to raise the frequency and illuminate the mind. An extraordinary workshop leader, she has taught Elocution using Harlem Renaissance literature to students from Pre-K to 10th grade.
Recently, Jazz starred in the two-act drama, “The Love Search.” An audience favorite, she opened both acts with sterling performances. In addition, Jazz shared her poetic genius with an East Azon, New York, audience when she paid homage to Dr. Letha Brown-Ridley for her 100th birthday celebration.

In January 2012, Jazz performed for Xerox’s Rochester’s Black Employees Association’s Annual Martin Luther King Gala. The advent of the New Year also brought her interview on Rasta Von’s Internet-based television show, PUT IT ON BLAST, in Rochester, New York.

Jazz, who did undergraduate work at Tuskegee Institute, is a loving mother of four who readily shares her nurturing with other children. Currently, she resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. She can be reached for speaking engagements at and

from Jazz's up-coming new release, SUNSET: A SISTER'S SUBMISSION TO A SEASON

A Heart of Gold

All should be so fortunate to behold
The beauty and magnificence of this special heart of gold
Filled with selfless love, yet to completely unfold
Possessing priceless value too great to be sufficiently told
So loyal and devoted, could never be sold
Providing a security that affords me to be bold

Know that you are honored
Know that you are respected
Know that you are appreciated
Know that you are valued
Know that you are loved…
And a wonderful keepsake

If You Love Me Come 02/18 by Denise Turney | Blog Talk Radio

If You Love Me Come 02/18 by Denise Turney | Blog Talk Radio

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Excerpt from my new novel, NOT WITHOUT PASSION


I am zipping around the kitchen being the perfect Suzy Homemaker for my girls who are due to arrive shortly. That Saturday morning sun noisy, it’s been peeking through the blinds since I stumbled in here after a 6:35 AM workout, approving my peaches-and-mango spinach salad, strawberry iced tea with floating chunks of California-grown berries, grilled salmon, baked sweet potatoes and small bowls of banana chips and mixed nuts.

This chick can spin a get-together on a dime’s notice!

By 1 PM, the doorbell chimes and I sprint through the house from the deck, where I’ve been rearranging furniture and setting the wrought-iron table.

“Hey, Mamacita,” Sydeeka greets me. “What’s up with you, Girlfriend?”

Her gaze tiptoes over me, a grin hiking one corner of her full, glossed lips.

“Whatchu all jazzed up for…lunch? Or perhaps a better question is ‘Who got you so snazzy this afternoon?’”

I can’t help myself. So I curtsey, smiling, and pirouette for the sister, my white A-line halter dress lethal, showing off shiny skin, Vaseline soft, a little cleavage, toned arms and thighs and hugging my Zumba-sculpted butt.

“Well, top of the day to you, too, Deeka,” I say, embracing her and leaving the door cracked for Jewell.

She reaches around me, grabbing my ponytail and draping it over my shoulder, where it ends just above my belly button under the white cotton dress.

“Moon, if you weren’t my girl, I’d be your woman.”

“Would you hush,” I say. “You know we’d be fighting over the shoes you stockpile and how much you spend on perfume.”

Sydeeka laughs. “Nothing a little counseling couldn’t right.”

I slip my arms through hers. “Woman, please. Besides, you looking fabulous yourself.”

Sydeeka smells like cash money, as usual, her fav scent, Prada. She giggles when I sniff her neck, frisky, the sensation hunching her shoulders.

“Don’t play, slut! Party on deck?”

“If it were elsewhere, my love, you’d not be in attendance, and I’d be sweating from heat meted out from the friction of one-on-one fun.”

Sydeeka plops her purse on a sofa and follows me through an open sliding glass door, dancing her way across the deck in the sunshine. She’s bouncing those 36” hips under the cutest blue-jean skirt falling mid-thigh. On her feet are tangerine wedgies perfectly matching a ribbed T-shirt and a few hundred bangles on one arm in the same tangerine family.

Chick lives for speak-up shoes, the sort that brings women across street, club or restaurant to say hello, gorgeous, my name is whatever you want it to be and if we can be the next Bonnie and Honey, here’s all my money.

“Don’t I know it? In my experience, I dream it before I see it. In yours, used to be the full moon glows and a crazy hoe gotta go. Today, you might have a different plan in motion, thus the reason a sister got the call and came on over. I know your ass. Spill the beans; spill the beans, Sister Girl.”

Leaning against the deck, back to the banister, elbows on the wide ledge, she’s posed as if she’s clocking the scene of dancing and drinking, cruising and chatting, and flirting and fighting women at Bella’s. I’ll give it to her. Deeka’s swag can be fierce when she’s fully present.

“How did you know the theme of this luncheon? You and Jewell been in conference without me?”

Sydeeka fans the air. “I don’t need Jewell’s two cents to remember that Navajo blood chanting in your veins and hanging down your back, Sade perfect. You probably held your own powwow last night.” She walks to the table and peeks under a Tupperware-covered plate. “What I want to know is what’s taking Jewell’s raggedy ass so long? But you never cease to amaze me, Moon. Your meals are always so colorful and way too healthy for my fast-food taste buds but I’m getting better.”

“Thank you, ma’am.”

Then she curtsies and sits facing the backyard. “Back to Miss Thang. You suppose Woodson got her bent over a lawn chair or something?”

I grin, loving their timing.

Jewell mirrors my smile, hands on her nonexistent hips, as she tips gingerly onto the deck. She’s dressed in a form-fitting orange ankle-length sundress adorned with pink, white and red flowers.

Pausing center stage, she turns to face a tickled Sydeeka.

“Hello, Jewell! Great you made it,” Sydeeka says, smiling genially.

“Hey, Hussy. And no, Woodson is not in the habit of ‘taking me’ over chairs and much less…lawn furniture, thank you. Might you be speaking of a fantasy in which you envision yourself and some woman panting?”

“Most likely,” Sydeeka admits.

Jewell rolls hazel eyes in an olive face of mixed heritage. “I thought so.”

Taller than Sydeeka and I, Jewell strikes a diva pose, two steps from Mariah Carey, and wiggles her forefingers.

“Let’s get this group hug in so I can sit down, ladies. These sandals nip my baby toes and my tummy’s on the warpath. C’mon, now. Make haste.”

Our group hugs therapeutic, I live for them and for the sisterly bonding and love we share despite our flippant mouths. The Divine knows we wouldn’t fly as high without the others’ wind.


February 26, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Felt International Yesterday...

On The Last Day of January! Softly patting my own back. I'm stepping over, leaping across, diving through, rolling under and crash-landing into procrastination and fear in any of its latent forms in 2012! Join me. Let's make it our resolution right now. We're unique enough to set our own traditions, right? Absolutely! That settled, let's return to the blog at hand...

Without leaving the comforts of my writing desk a few hours ago, I visited the French Amazon platform, where I translated my Author Central biography to French and uploaded a trio of pictures for their viewing pleasure of The Golden Goddess. What fun! And I didn't stop there. Feeling feisty, I went on to do the same for the United Kingdom's Amazon stage and the Netherlands' Internet portal. I think it was worthwhile. After all, I do enjoy the personable touch of feeling as though I can reach out and touch someone whose work captures my interest.

Here on my home page, I'm sharing the URL to my revised Author Central site. I tightened it. Included the essentials. Deleted a pic. Pondered deleting my featured video. Why? Well, for one, it's entirely too dark. I favor a supernatural being draped in shadows, feigning pomp and polish in my Anchorwoman Woman voice. For those who know me, if you stare hard enough, you can make out my nebulous measurements and, of course, my voice.

I AM UPLOADING A NEW VIDEO SOON. There! If I say it often enough, and write it, it'll become my intention. Isn't that how it goes? Uh huh, think so! Anyway, I look forward to filming it with my sister Glenda's incomparable cell or my own under-used camcorder. Now that's a decent promise.

As usual, you're invited to visit and share your opinion. I ADORE feedback! So do talk to me! Another promise...this year, it won't take me half a year to respond. ;))

The Golden Goddess
February 1, 2012