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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jazzthe24KPoet: An Artist Who Creates from a Golden Intend

Jazzthe24KPoet: A Beloved Sisterfriend/Poet Extraordinaire

JAZZ “The24KPoet” is the inimitable author of the independently published poetry collection, PETALS AND PEBBLES. Unforgettable, it is a string of poetic pearls, each poem possessing an opulence of its own. Same as petals and pebbles emanate from the beauty of the natural world, these poetic pearls of wisdom rise from the natural beauty of one woman’s soul. Jazz has been featured in the Spring 2008 issue of Virtue Magazine and the July 2009 issue of About Time Magazine. Joe Pinkney memorialized Jazz and Petals & Pebbles in an interview and a book review on his site, In addition, Jazz was featured on TheClaudiaMossShow on BlogTalkRadio.

Jazz has performed on countless stages in Atlanta, Washington, Baltimore, Durham, Raleigh, Charlotte, Henderson, Fayetteville, Greensboro and Orlando. Like timeless music, Jazz is multifaceted; bringing a sophisticated rhythmic, strong and comprehensive imprint to her poetry. A feature poet, she has mesmerized open mic audiences at Le Niche Jazz Café, Bennu Cultural Center and Barbara Torrant Ministries Grand Opening, the Encouraging Woman Ministries Summer Camp, Yancy’s Jazz Café, Zydeco’s Jazz Café, the Durham Art Festival and the Reggae Roots Festival. On November 19, 2010, Jazz “The24KPoet” was the feature poet for the premiere of Clark Atlanta University’s Jazzman’s Café and Bakery.

Additionally, specializing in pastries and vegetarian creations, she is a personal/gourmet chef, who describes her kitchen as her canvas. Her delectable culinary skills are requested around the country. As a motivational speaker, Jazz advocates for women’s empowerment to counteract sexism, promote positive self-images, and reverse the degeneration of shattered self esteems. Universally, her words adorn womanhood across any imaginable divide.

Jazz is a didactic poet; her intent is to use the sound of her voice and the tip of her pen to raise the frequency and illuminate the mind. An extraordinary workshop leader, she has taught Elocution using Harlem Renaissance literature to students from Pre-K to 10th grade.
Recently, Jazz starred in the two-act drama, “The Love Search.” An audience favorite, she opened both acts with sterling performances. In addition, Jazz shared her poetic genius with an East Azon, New York, audience when she paid homage to Dr. Letha Brown-Ridley for her 100th birthday celebration.

In January 2012, Jazz performed for Xerox’s Rochester’s Black Employees Association’s Annual Martin Luther King Gala. The advent of the New Year also brought her interview on Rasta Von’s Internet-based television show, PUT IT ON BLAST, in Rochester, New York.

Jazz, who did undergraduate work at Tuskegee Institute, is a loving mother of four who readily shares her nurturing with other children. Currently, she resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. She can be reached for speaking engagements at and

from Jazz's up-coming new release, SUNSET: A SISTER'S SUBMISSION TO A SEASON

A Heart of Gold

All should be so fortunate to behold
The beauty and magnificence of this special heart of gold
Filled with selfless love, yet to completely unfold
Possessing priceless value too great to be sufficiently told
So loyal and devoted, could never be sold
Providing a security that affords me to be bold

Know that you are honored
Know that you are respected
Know that you are appreciated
Know that you are valued
Know that you are loved…
And a wonderful keepsake

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