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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Felt International Yesterday...

On The Last Day of January! Softly patting my own back. I'm stepping over, leaping across, diving through, rolling under and crash-landing into procrastination and fear in any of its latent forms in 2012! Join me. Let's make it our resolution right now. We're unique enough to set our own traditions, right? Absolutely! That settled, let's return to the blog at hand...

Without leaving the comforts of my writing desk a few hours ago, I visited the French Amazon platform, where I translated my Author Central biography to French and uploaded a trio of pictures for their viewing pleasure of The Golden Goddess. What fun! And I didn't stop there. Feeling feisty, I went on to do the same for the United Kingdom's Amazon stage and the Netherlands' Internet portal. I think it was worthwhile. After all, I do enjoy the personable touch of feeling as though I can reach out and touch someone whose work captures my interest.

Here on my home page, I'm sharing the URL to my revised Author Central site. I tightened it. Included the essentials. Deleted a pic. Pondered deleting my featured video. Why? Well, for one, it's entirely too dark. I favor a supernatural being draped in shadows, feigning pomp and polish in my Anchorwoman Woman voice. For those who know me, if you stare hard enough, you can make out my nebulous measurements and, of course, my voice.

I AM UPLOADING A NEW VIDEO SOON. There! If I say it often enough, and write it, it'll become my intention. Isn't that how it goes? Uh huh, think so! Anyway, I look forward to filming it with my sister Glenda's incomparable cell or my own under-used camcorder. Now that's a decent promise.

As usual, you're invited to visit and share your opinion. I ADORE feedback! So do talk to me! Another promise...this year, it won't take me half a year to respond. ;))

The Golden Goddess
February 1, 2012

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