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Monday, December 27, 2010

REJUVENATE: My First Flash Fiction

By Claudia Moss
Copyright 2010
119 words

Idalia basked in Charlotte Amalie sun, gazing at the suited woman leaving the condo on the end, where the iguanas grouped. On a table behind her, a fat folder waited. There was much to do before evening fell island soft.

“If I painted, I’d paint this place inside shuttered windows.” A couple shifted, the delicate one smiling at Idalia. Sushi dotted the beach bar counter. “Windows are my forte!” came before her partner frowned. “Your gallery opens next week.”

A month later, a tourist photographed an iguana savoring a banana inside a Ferragamo shoe. Talk speculated. Maybe the artist had a husband. Maybe they’d met a duppie. Stateside, a new widow moaned and passed Idalia a thick, damp envelope.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Enamored Beneath my Locs...

I am enamored.

I am enamored at the thought of her name.

I am enamored at the sound of her voice, at any text she might send.

I am enamored under the scrutiny of her stare.

I am so enamored.

I am enamored when I study her visage, clearly lost in the shape of her lips.

I am enamored in the way I stride, my eyes whispering the lingo of the sway in my hips.

I am enamored at the softness of her touch.

I am enamored and I don't particularly care who knows as much.

I am enamored beneath my locs.

I am enamored at my fingertips' urge to record her dimensions.

I am enamored and she has no conception of my perplexity.

I am simply wetly enamored and I don't know how to proceed but I know The Way is Present.

I am enamored and watching her eclipses these ruminations.