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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Introducing Epitamy Skyy

Saludos, Beloveds!

Recently I enjoyed a Burlesque photo shoot before EPITAMY SKYY's cameras. And what a fascinating time that was! Not only did this fabulous woman apply my make-up to a lovely perfection, but also she lent the shoot a creative element that proved priceless.

Thus, I had to share her with you, considering it goes against the Golden Goddess's Universe to horde a good thing all to herself...all the time! So I introduce to you, Miss Epitamy Skyy.

TheGoldenGoddess: Who is EPITAMY SKYY?

Epitamy Skyy: Epitamy Skyy is the company that I started with my daughter to cater to the beauty in every person. I, Epitamy Santiago, am the face for Epitamy Skyy Creations.

GG: What must readers need to know about her?

ES: I am very humble and shy. Yet I am the most outspoken or extroverted when it comes to bringing my canvas (the face) to life.

GG: How did you come to be in love with the artistry of MAKE-UP?

ES: I have always been fascinated and intrigued with the face itself. I have always "people watched," studying the dimensions on a person's face. Looking at how their makeup is applied. Imagining the possibilities and the "what-ifs" of if I could just do this or that to make them see the potential beauty that I see.

GG: Describe a new project in your business about which readers must know.

ES: I have created a Makeup/Makeover Package catering to the DIVA........It's called the DIVA Package. Basically it caters to the woman who likes to walk out of the house at 7 am and look like a million $. She is the businesswoman, the Real Housewife of Atlanta, the Socialite, and the true Diva! I come to her and get her started on her day by doing her makeup and styling if requested.

GG: Where can readers find you on the web?


GG: What is your passion outside of the MAKE-UP arena?

ES: Poetry & Photography! I LOVE spoken word and I enjoy writing poetry. I haven't gotten the nerve up to share my work with the world yet, but it is coming. I know it! Photography is like my second love after makeup. Photojournalism is where my passion lies! I want to be able to tell a story with my pictures.....give the viewers things to think about, talk about.

GG: Who would you like to enhance if you could make-up any face in the world and why?

ES: I have always loved the story of the Ugly I would want to enhance the woman who has the least self esteem because I can teach, guide and empower her to see how beautiful she truly is. I want to be able to see her grow and transform into the confident Diva that lies within her, just no one ever bothered to bring it out. She would be my muse and one of my greatest masterpieces!

Get $10 off a Makeover when mention this interview!

Eye Rtistry by Epitamy Santiago

(678) 663 - 3525

Epitamy Skyy Creations

Follow on twitter: @EpitamySantiago
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Isn't she lovely? There now, remember to mention having met Epitamy Skyy on A Golden Life with TheGoldenGoddess and save while you enhance your natural beauty! A glimpse of the Goddess in her Epitamy Burlesque Photo Shoot is coming soon! Stay tuned...

Living a Golden Life....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Laila Amor on The Beauty of the Present Moment...

Hello, everyone!

I'm Laila, the newest baby at the Moss/Sarden/Smith household. As you can tell from my photo, I am a big girl now. Actually, I prefer the spelling “gyrl,” the unique spelling my grandmother uses when she thinks she’s being creative. She's cool, though. You know she'd have to be, to let me steal the thunder of her blog this evening, while she jumps on her trampoline. Forever exercising, that one! She makes us tired most evenings, just bouncing up and down endlessly, in the center of the living room, getting it in.

In the event you’re curious, I'm seven-months-old on the 13th of this month. April Fool's Day was my brother's birthday. His name's Nazir. The big folks around here call him Naz or Nazzie Pooh, depending on the day. I call him Loco...and that’s because he's reached the Terrible, Terrible Two's! He deserves those two Terribles. Why? He freaks me out totally. Every time I spy him dashing about the house, dragging stuff and throwing blocks and catching pops from my parents and Grandma Goddess and commandeering my bottles and pacifiers, being I've got two, annoying teeth in the bottom of my jaw, I dream about doing the exact same things one day. Only difference, I'd do my mischief in alignment with the rules of the crib. This lil sista isn't into whippings! No, not me.

Way too cute, I am, for that nonsense!

Can you imagine the granddaughter of TheGoldenGoddess catching licks? I didn't think so.

Let’s change the subject. You like my picture? Thank you. Grandma Goddess was feeling particularly golden one afternoon, ran upstairs to her bedroom for her camera and returned to snap this picture of me. Oh, you can go on and say it! I see that look in your eyes. You're thinking my eyes are sleep-weary and drugged. Well, I did just get up, and I couldn't stop the Goddess from flashing that darn camera in my eyes, milk or slob dribbling down my chin. I don’t know which one. Blinding Light! Here's this pic!

It's a good thing I'm adorable!

That in the public domain, I'll get on with why I'm here.
As a baby, I am forever in the beauty of this thing Grandma Goddess calls the Present Moment. I cry whenever my folks leave me in a diaper long enough to itch, though that isn't often. After all, I am the Baby Gyrl, who is still relatively new. So they are yet pretty much enamored with me. Did I say I’m the only gyrl? And hey, I'm soft as Southern cotton, even if urine can itch a gyrl’s soft skin into hysterics!

When I’m hungry, folks, I'm truly in the moment. If that formula isn’t in a bottle at my lips the minute I feel hunger pangs, I will literally raise the roof up in this joint. Believe you me, they do not want the kind of drama I can put down. Come on. But that’s infrequent; after all, do I look like they’ve missed any feedings? Again, I didn’t think so either.

Might I add, if I tire of being on that perennial pallet they spread the second I raise my head from a sweet afternoon nap, there they go, delivering me to the blanket. In days of joyous present moments, I’ve perfected my crawl, which I must say, I am excellent at now. But then they want to bellyache about what I’m doing shouting at the top of my fabulous lungs, my curly head under a sofa with my well-padded rear sticking out, short stubby legs kicking my fury!
Babies got much to teach these giants in my house.

Sometimes my Grandma Goddess plummets straight out of the awesomeness of this Present Moment business.

Yes, she writes about it a great deal, and, okay! She does a fairly decent job at it most times. But, grown people, let me tell you…there are moments when she is lost in the sauce! The mix! The formula, however you want it. Like those times when my folks are rushing off to school or work, and they march me and Naz upstairs to her quarters, which I adore, and drop us in her office and wave---Grown-ups, the Goddess isn’t so golden then. She plunges so far from the Present, she peers at me and I know she is wanting to be looking at that lit screen to which she’s characteristically super-glued. Then it’s watch out, Nazzie! The things we usually do that are “cute,” suddenly they aren’t so cute! Like the time Naz pulled the pretty white straw-looking bloom from her Peace Lily and began whooping the sunshine off the big ole huge elephant leaves! The Goddess screamed loud enough to render me deaf, honey.

No, no, no! I like the time she fell out of the Present window in a split-second turn-around. Do grandmothers have ADD, too? Anyway, I was on her bed, waiting for her to finish taking care of my toiletry needs, when what does she do when a song comes on the radio that makes her sway and wind like she’s on a stage? Gets caught up checking herself out in the mirror, stirring up moves I imagined required censorship, but hey, what do I know? I’m just the baby! Okay. So I go to sending a yellow arc across the bedspread. Darn thing reminded me of the McDonald’s Arc. You know the one!

That brought her back to the beauty of the Present Moment quickly, I tell you!
Then again, there are times she topples out of the Moment under waves of anger. See, last week she lost one of her beloved files on that keyboard I persist on helping her click and, lo and behold, you’d have thought the Big Bang Theory was a lie! She flew into another Time Zone. Her locs were standing on end. Naz and I couldn’t even call for reinforcement without working cell phones.

But Grandma is a true Golden Goddess, though. Really. Took her a second or three, but she reeled herself back in. Ran a bubble bath and said something that sounded like, ‘To heck with it!’ Anyway, we all relaxed in those bubbles I longed to taste and Naz got popped for slinging over the tub’s side.

Hey, it’s all Enfamil in the bottle, folks! Admit it, you, too, have those days. When you do, just stay in the flow of the Present, and you will be quite alright! Your world can be a more pleasant place, I assure you! So come on and grab smooches off my cheeks, as Grandma does, so I can give this keyboard back to the Golden Goddess, who is never away from it long!

It’s way past an Angel’s bedtime, as I am NOT into writing all night. This babe loves sleep too much for that nonsense! So bye! Have a great week!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I finished reading the closing chapters of the novel early yesterday morning, as I crawled into my crisp, freshly ironed golden-rod sheets after another night of reading, writing and studying. Compelled, I read it akin to one sneaking a nibble of someone else’s leftover birthday cake. Like an intoxicating lover, patiently enveloped in shadows and deliriously awaiting the cool press of flesh and a sweetheart’s kiss under sighing sheets.

As I read, Mayson's tacit longing for Renee followed me into slumber, where, somehow, she finds the words to articulate her unspoken passion to a woman she absolutely adores.

“Your secret love will never be your true love,” Luther is crooning now from my PC’s speakers. Could be Mayson realizes this, so she determines to love her friend as just that, a good girlfriend in public. Her soul mate, in her heart. For who knows what tomorrow holds?

Now me. I’m all too familiar with unspoken passion. Having lived it for so much of my life. Dare I admit it? Otra vez? Por que no? I'd be in love with someone who had no virtual idea I loved her. Somehow I'd trust the matter to chance; hell, happenstance; okay, magic! Bueno, bueno. But we all know how that eventually ends. A capacious loneliness. And you.

At some point, though, you snap out of it, and you make a conscientious determination to live in the Present Moment, not in some distant Future, where, off in your dreams, you are The One for The One. Si, Querida, when you eventually awake and smell the roses, because suddenly they DO exist right now, you come to the conclusion that you, too, are blessed. So what? You weren’t the one. That time. Or the next. But eventually…you will be The One.

It’s a good thing I don’t love that groundless way anymore. Can’t do unhealthy…for long. (Giggles)

Mayson, I don't think, wakes to smell her roses. Though she makes a grave decision to protect those precious blooms. How? She orchestrates a smooth maneuver to assure herself that Miss Lady would be safe, while her secret love sows her sensual oats. What helps to wake Mayson is the presence of a maniacal lover, who has been jilted one too many times. I will not be like Chris, my handsome great-nephew, who narrates a movie while you’re watching it, making you wonder if your career and character can survive a child-abuse charge. Tu lo sabes? Yes, I know you do. We’ve all been there, but the little Sweetheart simply cannot help himself!

Get the book! The cover, la portada, is luscious! Mind you, it doesn’t hook into the eyes of the story, yet I can recognize a great concept most anywhere. Who can go wrong with a supple corset, partially gaping, with matching thongs, in a near leather look, a shock of unbound hair and tenderly bite-able skin? Ya know? So what it wasn’t Renee, Mayson or Kendra? A provocative picture and title can sell books, before readers recognize, if new, that the writing is even more stimulating. Whatever it takes..huh?

If you care to surf to Amazon when you leave here, you might want to read the review I left earlier today. Words are forever in my mouth, as rarely am I tacit, except for those times I am writing, like now. Like all day. But I adore these times. Now...back to my original thought...hmmm, being that words are in my mouth, they can't help but drift to my fingertips, too, where I tried NOT to give Fiona's story away totally.

No, I don't think I gave it away, but I will admit I LOVED the way Zedde stretched to bring her readers something different. Instead of the delectable heroines knowing who they are and going after what they want, our FINE Mayson, with her Jamaican/Chinese roots, ponytail climb-able, wavers in a precarious balancing act, wanting to carry-on with getting hers (with Kendra) while desiring who she desires. Yet her creed is “I never do straight girls.” Until she does….

Oops! Am I rattlin’ or tellin’ the story?

It was dangerous. Mayson even wondered if Renee would spin off into crazy as a result of the book’s final revelation, yet, like the other forays Fiona Zedde takes into pleasure, the several het love scenes, the straight-girl lovin’, the psycho-heifer routine, the unrequited love---it all works out!

Hey! I’m all for The Out, Babee! A damn good workout! Put out! Get out! Try out! Lock out! Shout out! Tu lo sabes, Corazon! (risas) Te amo, Fiona!