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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Introducing Epitamy Skyy

Saludos, Beloveds!

Recently I enjoyed a Burlesque photo shoot before EPITAMY SKYY's cameras. And what a fascinating time that was! Not only did this fabulous woman apply my make-up to a lovely perfection, but also she lent the shoot a creative element that proved priceless.

Thus, I had to share her with you, considering it goes against the Golden Goddess's Universe to horde a good thing all to herself...all the time! So I introduce to you, Miss Epitamy Skyy.

TheGoldenGoddess: Who is EPITAMY SKYY?

Epitamy Skyy: Epitamy Skyy is the company that I started with my daughter to cater to the beauty in every person. I, Epitamy Santiago, am the face for Epitamy Skyy Creations.

GG: What must readers need to know about her?

ES: I am very humble and shy. Yet I am the most outspoken or extroverted when it comes to bringing my canvas (the face) to life.

GG: How did you come to be in love with the artistry of MAKE-UP?

ES: I have always been fascinated and intrigued with the face itself. I have always "people watched," studying the dimensions on a person's face. Looking at how their makeup is applied. Imagining the possibilities and the "what-ifs" of if I could just do this or that to make them see the potential beauty that I see.

GG: Describe a new project in your business about which readers must know.

ES: I have created a Makeup/Makeover Package catering to the DIVA........It's called the DIVA Package. Basically it caters to the woman who likes to walk out of the house at 7 am and look like a million $. She is the businesswoman, the Real Housewife of Atlanta, the Socialite, and the true Diva! I come to her and get her started on her day by doing her makeup and styling if requested.

GG: Where can readers find you on the web?


GG: What is your passion outside of the MAKE-UP arena?

ES: Poetry & Photography! I LOVE spoken word and I enjoy writing poetry. I haven't gotten the nerve up to share my work with the world yet, but it is coming. I know it! Photography is like my second love after makeup. Photojournalism is where my passion lies! I want to be able to tell a story with my pictures.....give the viewers things to think about, talk about.

GG: Who would you like to enhance if you could make-up any face in the world and why?

ES: I have always loved the story of the Ugly I would want to enhance the woman who has the least self esteem because I can teach, guide and empower her to see how beautiful she truly is. I want to be able to see her grow and transform into the confident Diva that lies within her, just no one ever bothered to bring it out. She would be my muse and one of my greatest masterpieces!

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Eye Rtistry by Epitamy Santiago

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Epitamy Skyy Creations

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Isn't she lovely? There now, remember to mention having met Epitamy Skyy on A Golden Life with TheGoldenGoddess and save while you enhance your natural beauty! A glimpse of the Goddess in her Epitamy Burlesque Photo Shoot is coming soon! Stay tuned...

Living a Golden Life....


Anonymous said...

Hola Claudia! Just wanted to say THANK YOU again for introducing me to the world of blogging! *besos*

A Golden Life... said...

De nada, Reina!

Yo estaba mi placer ayudarle! Cuando usted pone buena onda en el mundo, regresan a ti.

Besos y abrazos,