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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let's Meetup....

Have you ever treated yourself to a Meetup?

They exist for a plethora of subjects and themes, interests and activities! I'd heard of the site earlier this year via a Facebook friend, who answered a question I'd presented about discovering how to communicate with book clubs in my city, considering I'd just published my novel, "If You Love Me, Come."

"Try Meetup!" she advised jovially. "There, you'll find exactly what you seek." And was she ever right, except I didn't actually delve further into the site than hovering on its edges, surfing its thousands of groups.

Then my friend, Gina, spoke of a supper club meetup that she was wholly enjoying. The food, the people and the atmosphere! When she invited me to her next meeting, I jumped at attending. And what a delirious delight it was! I love meeting new people. I love the exchange of lives. I love the names that drifted across the restaurant. I love small talk with the restaurant staff. I love pictures. I love well-prepared food. And I love a welcoming atmosphere.

Thus, if you haven't braved the Meetup site, venture the experience! Go! Enjoy the group descriptions. And broaden your horizons. You will thank me; therefore, in advance, you are welcome! Besitos y abrazos

Living A Golden Life,
July 2011

A Rhapsody in Blue

How sweet it is to bask in the presence of love!

I had the pleasure of doing just that on a sunny Saturday in June, in the presence of my fabulous friends, a loving twosome whom I have admired for many years. Being in their space is a gift. One feels the love that exudes from them, from their words, from the joy in their togetherness and from the gratitude and love evident in their gorgeous home!

They invited me to their lovely civil union ceremony on June 23, 2011. Although it was breathtaking in every way, from the choice of colors to the delectable food served to the gaiety of the planned program, not to mention their absolutely sensational presence, as lovers pledging a forever love one to the other, a lover to her beloved, I would have wanted them to know the blessing of a wedding, accepted in the eyes of our society and by the law of our great land.

But although they celebrated their love in the framework of a civil union, I was thrilled for them! Other revelers were elated, too. Amelia and Lorene represent the possibilities of the future for lesbian love. Committed and forever. Their affection was palpable! Their adoration for the other could be felt in the sweet way Amelia stared towards the doorway of the room in which the wedding was held, looking longingly for her bride to enter as the audience waited with the same awe and expectation.

It made a girl dream, paint pictures in her mind of one day being the bride while her beloved awaits her at the altar! A distant love brought closer in the sacred parts of the other's life, into the everyday, close enough to rise and rest, together, both living and loving, embraced and caressing, while watching television and preparing meals, enjoying extended families, taking vacations, standing on the other's arm at office Christmas parties, and even raising babies...or grandbabies together! Two women in love....

I loved the vows they wrote and offered up to the other, words soft and savory, delicate and more delectable than the wedding cake that rivaled any I'd experienced in years. Took a chuck home and found it more delicious than the day before, me nibbling and sharing it for two days!

Some of the other guests were beautiful souls living their dreams in unions that made me want to stay and chat all day, gathering love stories like precious stones on a Pacific beach. They set me free to cast my own net and pull in possibilities before I basked in their revelry.

I love weddings. Me encantan bodas.

It was a Rhapsody in Blue...

Living a Golden Life,
July 2011