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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Fairy Tale Love of Terri and Cynthia....

I am blessed that the Divine has seen fit for me to witness the conjugal bliss of two very special ladies, two beautiful brides, Terri Holley and Cynthia Philips.  I photographed their love in a ceremony I shall long remember.  The love they share is timeless, awe-inspiring.

Terri's smile brightens any space, brings warmth and beauty and rivals even sparkling, ornate chandelier lights.  Cynthia gazes upon her face and suddenly love is defined...without words.

I call this shot "The Cake Kiss," for any morsel shared on the lips of lovers is by far sweeter and more sacred than light piercing the darkest night.

This one is "The Embrace," for how could it be otherwise?  To hold and be held takes on a whole new meaning when no one loves you better than she....

Every story is a love story at heart....including theirs, including yours and including mine.  And so it is.  When I see this picture and others, I think if Celine Dion's song and her words about being in a space where dreams and shadows play.

Today and always, I will live the love in my heart, speak the words in my soul and walk where the fearless refuse to go.

Loving Terri and Cynthia~~

Living a Golden Life,

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