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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reading in Cafe Hortensia in Atlanta

It was my pleasure to have been invited to participate in an Author Share organized by Rhonda Oshetoye of RLOEnterprises. The reading/signing/Q&A took place in the beautifully quaint Cafe Hortensia, located at 57 Forsyth Street (in the Healey Building on the Walton Street) in Atlanta, GA.

I am filled with an unspeakable joy when I sit to read my work, and for this gala, I sat to bring to life my second novel, IF YOU LOVE ME, COME. Something comes over me, and I become the story. I am Free and Rhonda and Sharmayne and Pinky and Pastoria. I am even J.T. and Trevor Butler. Characters, yes, they may be to listeners, but to me, in my heart and at my desk, they are beloved souls, who have walked with me and laughed with me and lifted me up and were lifted by the grace of my pen. I may as well be on stage. My rib cage lifts, my voice becomes theatrical and my body rises to its full 4'11".

Sharing the author's spotlight with me were two wonderful gentlemen, Harold Michael Harvey and L. Cook. Harvey spoke of PAPER PUZZLE, his first novel, sharing the story's exciting plot and characterization and how he came to write the novel. Cook proved to be the master of romance, telling the audience what had gone into him culling the romance between Angela and her African-American bow.

I cherished the Q & A period! That is my time to further connect with the audience and make them "feel" the bliss I felt throughout the journey from "What if?" to cradling the novel lovingly in your palms. It's my opportunity, my fifteen minutes in the sun, to inspire someone, reminding all, including myself, to always be my personal BEST!

IF YOU LOVE ME, COME is available on my website, and On or before Monday, May 9, 2011, the novel will be available on Get your copy today!

Living a Golden Life,
El Cinco de Mayo, 2011

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