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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good Times in Piedmont Park

Sometimes a writer must coerce herself to unleash the keyboard and delve into the splendor of a day splashed in sunshine. To some, this may appear to be an incredibly easy feat; however, for us single-minded writers with the next essay, blog, short story, article or chapter on our minds, this is no facile feat!

But...there are times when I just want to have fun, so all it takes is for someone to strongly suggest that I release, breathe and let go, and I will run you over getting out the front door. If I do it two or three times, consecutively, I can accomplish the task easier and quicker the next time around!

After I'd enjoyed a BlogTalkRadio Show one afternoon with a beautiful, delightful and engaging couple, they invited me to curtail the writing and bask in the April sunshine. So, just like that, I took them up on the invite, and these pics are evidence of how much fun I had! Below, my sensational friends are all smiles as they give themselves over to enjoying THE MOMENT!!!

Here I am joyously posing with my fierce POET DIVA FRIEND, FRANZ-CHE!!! The DIVA herself is not only a fabulous performing poet but also a Master Barber and Stylist as well!!! The dancing queen under the light, flying locs is one of her two, gorgeous daughters.

This charming little lady is my friend Vickey's baby daughter! Isn't she lovely? And she's a scholar, too! Great job, Miss V!!!

This gentleman and his dogs were absolutely precious! They all posed and caught their breath, until I came along with my notorious camera, snapping, smiling and chatting. Eventually, the master pet trainer gave me some bills and asked me to get him something to eat, as he couldn't enter the quaint sandwich shop behind me with his entourage, who were BETTER BEHAVED than some two-year-olds I know! Clearing my throat!! (Behind my freshly painted pink nails) My bouncing grandbaby boy included!!! (sweet smiles)

Ooops! Down below, in the last photo, The Golden Goddesses' little grandbaby goddess dumpling had an unladylike misstep when C. Dawson lifted her into the air! Oh well, even the tiniest goddesses make their own ripples....

Living a Golden Life


Dori said...

Thank you so much for sharing your good times! It all looks so fun :)

TheGoldenGoddess said...

Greetings, Dori!

How are you? It's so nice to see you! Yes, ma'am, I had a sensational treat that day, saw lots of beloved friends and enjoyed an afternoon of classic House-style dancing!

Fun was the order of the day!


LaDonna said...

It was wonderful meeting you that wonderful day. I really am intrigued by your spirit and Hope to be in your company again very soon. Thank you


LaDonna(Ladae's Bella)

TheGoldenGoddess said...

Saludos, Ladae's Bella!

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment. You are indeed appreciated.

It was my pleasure to make your acquaintance as well. Truly, the day was fabulous, and I am certain we shall meet again in other such days of summer!!

Sweet Sunday blessings,