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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Kiss Speaks It Own Language...

Yes, it's yet true. I'm enamored with The Kiss. Perhaps instead of me courting the subject, it has mysteriously chosen me.

My darling nephews recently discovered themselves before my camera's lens engaged in the art of kissing with their precious Significant Other. Mister Calvin is the elder, the gentleman in the red shirt. His Lady Love was daintily arrayed in white, from her pretty, white, summer, off-the-shoulder dress to her attention-grabbing, white, buckled heels. My sister Glenda, at whose house we were passing a delightful Sunday, dubbed her The Princess and my nephew The Frog. She's a hoot, that sister of mine! The moment it was out of her mouth, everyone who had viewed the Disney classic howled with laughter. They did (as my Grandma Moss would've said) "put one in the mind of" Visiting Royalty and her darlin' Froggy Prince, minus the green in Ellenwood!

Calvin was the first invited to smooch his Princess, and of course he began playfully, irking the Princess to distraction and the display of pouty lips while waiting for him to get serious. O but when he did, their kiss ignited volcanic temperatures hotter than the early September afternoon!

Calvin's Baby Brother, Acy, is another movie altogether. He's dressed in the black shirt that matches the black scarf on his braids. Much more conservative, his kiss blossomed on his Precious Poo's forehead (or did Aunt Glenda instruct them to illustrate the Forehead Kiss?). From the language of Acy's kiss, my camera reflected sacred, private and precious. They had known one another as friends for many years before they became kissing close, and it shows in her softened demeanor, emotionally pouting lips, her gentle embrace about his back and his stalwart stance and those malleable lips against her forehead. Tis true, a kiss speaks its own language.

Yet the most precious of the precious of kisses was delivered by my great-niece, Zarin, whose chubby little hands latched onto her Cousin Nazir's 17-month-old shoulders and greeted him with a baby kiss at Nazir's new sister's baby shower. Uh huh! Her little kiss said, "Hello, Cousin! I love you, and I haven't seen you since we traveled to Montgomery together in my Grandma's truck! Whatcha up to?"

Es cierto! Even babies kiss. And why shouldn't they? We adults kiss their little rounded cheeks whenever we are blessed to have a baby in our Presence. My sister frequently reminds me to kiss the soles of a baby's foot, so I don't bump their little jaws with my lipstick! Sure, she's right, but babies are just so entirely, incredibly cute!

Don't forget to spice up your life with a tender or dainty or precious or fiery kiss today! I hear it makes life sweeter! BESOS!!!!

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