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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Reading Discussion Questions for my new, up-coming novel, IF YOU LOVE ME, COME


Claudia Moss

This guide is a compilation of suggested questions intended to enhance your group’s discussion and enjoyment of Claudia Moss’ If You Love Me, Come

Discussion Questions

1. Explain 2 possible interpretations for the title, If You Love Me, Come.

2. Is “Free” really free?

3. How are the other characters victims to their own mental bondage?

4. Does love play different parts in the story?

5. Was each character brought low to rise to higher levels of consciousness?

6. Do Free and J.T. have the makings of a “forever love” after their separation?

7. What is your concept of a “forever love”?

8. Which character(s) was in love with the concept of being in love?

9. Is it appropriate to surrender one’s all to love in your honest estimation? Do you surrender all in your romantic relationships?

10. How was each major character flawed?

11. Was Pinky a responsible mother? What did you admire about her? What did you least admire about her?

12. Who was ultimately responsible for Short Dog’s death?

13. Is Javan capable of raising a female child alone or with a mate?

14. Why do you think Pinky chose the men who fathered her children?

15. Was Pinky’s father a good parent?

16. Do you think Pastoria’s teary altar scene was sincere?

17. Did you question Sharmayne’s true sexuality? Or did you think she was hurt and acting out against being with another man?

18. Was her “coming out” similar to one that you know of?

19. Was Free’s response genuine to Sharmayne’s “coming out”?

20. What did you think about the frame structure of the novel?

21. Was Miz Too-Sweet’s voice easy to read? Believable?

22. Whose voice did you enjoy the most? The least?

23. Describe the credibility of the first book club meeting. Was it believable?

24. What are your opinions of the novels discussed?

25. Did you like Free and J.T. as a couple? Sharmayne and Nzinga? Pastoria and Booker? Pastoria and Earl? Rhonda and Trevor? Pinky and the Artist?

26. Were the two separate worlds in the novel bridgeable?

27. What did you think of Sherrie Ann?

28. How was Miz Too-Sweet’s special gift used in the novel?

29. When did you first realize you had a Reading Jones?

30. What do you think the future holds for Sharmayne and Nzinga? Will their love withstand the test of time and an ex-husband?

31. What could Victor Naylor have done to save his marriage?

32. Can love survive a difference in social class? What has been your experience?

33. What are your thoughts on the outreach program Free and her group brought to Techwood residents?

34. Have you ever lived in the projects or knew someone who did? Was the portrayal accurate?

35. Do you know the history behind Nzinga’s name? Did it suit her?

36. What did you think of Miz Too-Sweet’s treasure trove of stories?

37. Did Rhonda finally find her niche in the biography-writing component of her Techwood workshop?

38. Was the ending of the story satisfying?

39. Would you read another book by the author?

40. Select a quote from one of the characters and discuss it in conjunction with the novel’s theme of trusting the power of love.


Coach Valj said...

Awesome- can't wait to get my copy! You rock Claudia!

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed that you took time to come and read these questions, Coach Valj! You, too, are awesome! Wow!

Am in the process of getting the copyright and IBSN number now. Everything is so exciting!

Peace be onto you...