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Sunday, May 20, 2012

What I've Been Up To Lately...


Wanda B. Speaks Her Mind

Greetings, Everyone!  I know it's been a while since I've visited my beloved blog and I know that is one of the cardinal poohs of any self-respecting writer but I do have fairly good reasons for my absence.

I've been preoccupied with my Thing to Do list!  A good thing for anyone forging ahead with sincerity and intent.  At the top of that list, for a while now, has been my goal of getting my Kindle books arrayed in professionally fascinating covers.  Indeed, tis true!  A book is judged by its cover.  That is probably one of the first things e-book browsers judge on their way to determining whether or not they will read the work's description behind a quick peek at the price.  At least that's what I do!

What about you?

I want to make sure Ms. Wanda B. gets her fair share of e-book appreciation.

Thus, my time has been spent consulting with my fabulously talented young Los Angeles-based artist, Mr. Lincoln Jude.  He can be reached at and  I assure you he is well worth your time and investment, if bringing your vision to a fascinating cover or website is what you desire.

Not only am I having all of my e-books' covers redone, but also I am yet finishing the first draft of my latest romance novel, "Not Without Passion," in a rather inconsistent fashion although I watch it play out in my head continuously.  More on that later!

I whittle away at the chores across my Bombay, glass-topped writing desk, a lovely something at which to complete any chore.  I'm one of those writers who makes Mary Kay type lists that spawn other lists, until eventually I tick everything off....however many months that may take!

Lately, I've been able to appreciate the top.  Right now birds are tweeting outside my office windows.  Their music is refreshing, nature's opera, a performance I'm usually too busy to appreciate at other times in the day.  It's Sunday, 5:24 AM according to the clock on my computer screen.

I'm writing this entry and enjoying the dregs of a cartoon Blue Bell Peaches & Homemade Vanilla ice cream.  Yummy.

Sleep is summoning me down the hall to my boudoir so I shall obey!  Until next time...MUAH!

And check Miss Wanda B. out, if you haven't already!  And leave a review on Amazon, if you've a mind!  Mira!  I've got a fabulous delight planned that will bring you into my office to meet the infamous lady!  You will be able to see me as I read and share your questions and comments, which I will see on the computer screen.  Don't want to give all of it away at one time, but I'll be back soon.  Te prometo!  I promise!

Living a Golden Life,


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