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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kissing Revisited....

It's an intriguing I'm back to redress it, determine what keeps it on my mind. I know there won't be enough time to mine its gold before my fingers recede from this keyboard and my body seeks my pink sheets, but at least I'll have given it the best of me for now.

Attended a beloved friend's memorial and the kitchen was filled with friends and family. Food lined the counter. Everything from my raw kale salad to my sistafriend Jaslyn's delicious bean pie and veggies and a tasty assortment of chips and dips. There were sips of wine. And there were couples amongst the singles.

A twosome caught my eye. They were precious, one possessing a lovely smile, the other a rakish grin. Delightful. I took them in, as inconspicuously as I could, but I ambushed myself when I whipped out my camera and flat asked them if they would kiss for me. (AN IDEA TO REVISIT LATER!)

They wavered. Momentarily. As if to make certain they understood my request. I assured them they had. Then what happened next was akin to watching the treat through a video camera's lens. In slow motion, like a stream purling towards the ocean, they flowed together, one moving yet waiting, the other coming, already close-eyed, both merging as though for the first time, pooling into one skin. I was transformed, observing almost outside of time, the kitchen and the merriment drifting away, nothing left but the observer and The Kiss.

I felt their chemistry behind my camera's lens. Heated romance tempered on the fire of familiarity. Did she actually soften, receive her lover through the fabric of her dress? They shared the same breath,a communal heartbeat. Had they been a movie I'd have wed repeat. They kissed so long I got rooted in the moment, wondering: Would I know The Kiss this lifetime?

Not just a brushing of lips, theirs was a meeting of souls:a moving of the earth, fire in limbs, a toppling out of time, an undeniably, undisputed stupefaction.

Once, a treasured friend said a kiss is a gateway to fireworks, and, without it, you nurse a wet match. Just yesterday one of my sisters confided a kiss detonated just so, minus you knowing it'll have a Richter-scale effect, is worth running out to meet a nebulous tomorrow.

On her B-Day DVD, Beyonce sings about loving kissing her husband. The emotion in her voice invites me to be with her words and her seductive video image on a beach practically masturbating in the shadowy water. Exquisite. If I knew how to post the video here, I would. But since I don't, and my contacts are sticking to the balls of my irises, I am about to shut down for the morning. And maybe I shall work on posting it later!

Here are three POEMS that gently scrap the mixing bowl of my kiss-sweetened thoughts! Enjoy and please feel free to comment. To share this journey makes all the difference in the world!


We kiss
Before we ever meet
Our ravenous glances incomplete
Awaiting baptism
In the other’s virtual caress.
Your sweet, honey-dew lips
Cataclysmic explosions along my Southern shore.
There’ll be ‘No turnin’ back’ no more.
Thrills rumble my insides;
Blinding me
Consigning me
Unhinging me
Soaking me,
While you visually tongue me. O, the way you divine me
Turn me out of myself
My G spot shouting.
Dangerous glints stud our eyes
Starting an instant ache, a delirious dancing
Melting my defenses, leveling my walls, liquefying my knees---
All I thought I knew of desire deceived.

You taste
Me with a steamy, mocha gaze
Licking me right there and there.
A mango flicking explores my skin conjuring sensations deep within.
Dazed, I am still, shell shocked~
A stranger, you erotically push your way into my day~
Causing my pencil heels to reel
Our kisses raining cinnamon showers
Sweetening my inner rivers
Your audacity
Leaving me to hunt wave-tossed, fragments of myself.

We merge
Past invisible signs of No Return,
Mmmmmm Yeaaaaaaah
You taste like I knew you would
A mouthful of butterscotch sunshine
A shot of moonshine
Aged wine
So electrically divine….

© Claudia Moss 2/1/2010


The Kissing Booth

Behind this makeshift stand
Pout on sensual command:
Soft kisses
Tongue kisses
French kisses
Hot kisses
Wet kisses
Forehead kisses
Belly kisses
Clit kisses
You can have it just right at The Kissing Booth every night…
Licked kisses
Dismissive kisses
Slow kisses
Drive-by kisses
Empty kisses
Nasty kisses
Femme kisses
Fuck-you kisses
Only for you, we’ve got prevailing sales at The Kissing Booth…

Dom kisses
Fragile kisses
Nipple kisses
Masculine kisses
I-hate-you kisses
Stay-away kisses
Come-closer kisses
Let’s-play kisses
Interracial kisses
We’ve got whatever kisses your taste buds can fathom at The Kissing Booth…
Gimme-som’ kisses
Not–on--your--life kisses
Not—in—this—lifetime kisses
Earlobe kisses
Pricey kisses
You-know-you-want-it kisses
She-can-get-it-forever kisses
Maybe-next-lifetime kisses
One-night-stand kisses
Sweeter-than-sex kisses
I-love-you kisses
If we missed it, we back-order your kisses and lay-them-away fresh here in The Kissing Booth…

© Claudia Moss 2/1/2010


My Kissin’ Experiment
You willin’ to be my experiment?
Gotta silence a vent
Inside this predicament
‘Cause she said my lips weren’t intended
To lick and be licked like peppermint.
No, don’t defend it.
It’s your entitlement
To end it
Before our lips begin this commencement.
Goin’ to kiss you ‘til you can’t stand it
Make you pray a new commandment
With kisses so soft I’ll dent
Your contentment
Of how she used to demand it
O, forget about containment
My kisses trickle, slither, slurp, slide with abandonment
From the back of your thighs to the hollow in your belly button up to your judgment
I’ll blow a breeze so bewitching---you’ll breach your sense of devilment.
Do you get it?
Or are you yet rife with the prophetic?
Uum Muuuaah! Besos, mi mujer! I’m harmless; you’re pathetic.
There’s nothing you can do yet
So I’ma finish gulping you and gorge on the gold at the end of your rainbow. Got it?
© TheSiren 2/1/2010


Artist CG said...

Love this lovely essay on the Art of Kissing :) It feels good to witness couples in love like this--doesn't it? thanks for sharing!

A Golden Life... said...

Buenos dias, Artist CG!
Como estas? Muchas gracias por venir a mi blog! How are you? Thank you for coming by!
Yes, I love to observe people, and especially people relating in loving ways.
I am happy you enjoyed it!
Enjoy your Friday.