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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

HUNGRY for all things Zedde...

I love reading!
Me encanta leer!
As a small girl in Waterbury, Connecticut, growing up on Wood Street in a three-story rambling home with a spacious backyard in which I felt confined during most of my early adolescence, I could be found in any cozy corner reading. Mystery novels. Nancy Drew mysteries, primarily. Though I was known to devour almost anything I could sneak and read. Which was inclusive of "Unca" Junior's girlie magazines. He called himself hiding them between his mattress, but, without too much effort or brain cells, I'd find them and hope like hell everyone would instantly disappear so I could savor them in solitude. Like I imagined he savored them!
So, yes, I've been hungry for the printed page and the printed magazine page (especially those with enticing layouts) for as long as I could decode words, sentences, paragraphs and stories.
And as such, I arrive at the reason why I'm ever and always ravenous for Fiona Zedde's hotly crafted, memorably rendered tales. You see...
Fiona Zedde is my favorite goddess with a laptop, weaving erotic yarns that wed me to characters who steal my heart, head, and hours. Since her initial elegant appearance on the ballroom floor of publishing, on which she struck a memorable pose with BLISS (which I re-read periodically, I love it so) and floated about the floor with intriguing style in A TASTE OF SIN and stayed our breath in the sexy footwork she showcased in the haunting EVERY DARK DESIRE, Fiona Zedde continues to electrify her growing audiences in the arousing performance that is HUNGRY FOR IT.
I remember it as though it were yesterday! The day I fell in love with Remi after diving into the opening chapters of SIN. That Remi had a sistah by the waist! And across her knees. Doing those unmentionable things I wanted her to repeat whenever I shut my eyes. So, yes, half way through the read, I was inextricably in love. And wanted more of such a jaw-dropping, enigmatic, alluring, dominant, intelligent, sexy, dirty, sensual, fun-loving woman.
And the very capable Zedde delivered.
In Zedde's latest page-turner, the stakes are high for my darling Remi, who has to juggle quite a few balls and remain up-right as her world crashes down around her expensive shoes. Mercy! Yvette, precious baby sister, appears on her doorstep out of the shadowy, turbulent past of her childhood. That tasty, loaded-gun of a cousin Wynne, shows up like I like my woman---right on time, when you need her the most. Kelia, and the whirlwind of backstory that flutters around her like so much snow in a paperweight, is intriguing. It's just enough to leave you perched on the edge of your seat, wondering how the next twist of events will unravel itself. And goodness! How Kelia ties in with the bruiser of a presence, the rival club owner, will bow your head in appreciation for plot development and pace!
And as always, Zedde dishes the spiciest eroticism. Beautiful women abound, splayed fabulously across her pages, open, wet and ripe! Let us say all night, precisely as I like to see them. That scene with the teeth-grinding, fine Nakamura sisters melting themselves across every part of Remi's delicious body. The smell of sex oozing from Monique's leather corset and miniskirt, a fitting uniform for any Gillespie waitress.
But Zedde tops herself in the enchanting development of character, when she culls Remi's Claudia, a woman who must "choose" to love, facing odds and fighting not to bow to stinging criticism. Will she bow to the love of a much younger, breathtaking lover, one some might rightfully dub as near incestuous? Will Claudia and Remi risk Dez's love? Better yet, will the delicate, intelligent Claudia, a classic beauty, permit herself to love the unimaginable, Claudia's decision compounded by the pelting stings of her ex-husband's ridicule and most importantly, a future minus passion.
You'll have to read this beautifully crafted novel to discover for yourself the power of Zedde's pen and imagination and the touch of her sensual scenes. To see Remi inhale Claudia, whenever they meet, is a tour of force, a sheer work of art. My flesh sings remembering how passionately Remi and Claudia love. Under Zedde's hypnotism, one reads and longs for love, passionate love, not the specious fling for which some settle.
No matter what your sexual orientation, no matter if you like it soft or hard, take a chance, if you haven't already, and invite Fiona Zedde to the ballroom floor. I assure you, the interlude will last and last, until the floodlights fade...and even then, your mind will exhale your imminent satisfaction.
As always, when I arrive at the culmination of a Zedde novel, my soul screams, "GIVE ME MORE!" Then I pray, O Goddess, let there be more in the next release. At HUNGRY's end, I wanted more of the healed hurt between Dez and Remi. More of the bonding between Remi and Claudia and Dez and Tori. More of Sage and Remi's other sexy friends. More of that fine-ass Wynne. Just MORE.
But pages are pages, and the contemporary novel hovers somewhere under 340 pages. Se la vie......
Thus, I encourage reluctant, never-read-her-before readers to step out of musty shells. Don different colors. Read Zedde and be blessed. For at the end of your journey, I wish you no regrets.
Besitos y abrazos,

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