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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Days Are Winding Down....

Election Day isn't just another election day of yesteryear! It's historic, it's monumental! It is your opportunity to get up, get out and vote for REAL change.

Let your voice be heard and felt! For countless reasons...

Get to those polls EARLY and let America know that a plastic, well-dressed Barbie is UNacceptable for the Vice Presidency.

If Senator John McCain is blinded by the glam and cannot recognize what Republican ship-jumpers are discovering the closer we get to the history-changing day, don't you stand in the shadows thinking the Palin/McCain, oops, the McCain/Palin ticket is the change this country needs. That wouldn't be change; it's the present remaining the same, except getting worse, with possibly other investigations of political missteps and wars and rumors of wars and gas prices lining already gold-gilded pockets and purses and home-ownership sink holes and tax fiascoes and a number of other unmentionable dramas waiting back stage behind the Political Curtain. Now is your time to ACT. Get to the polls if you have to hop a Marta bus, call a cab, ride a scooter, or hitchhike.

Go test those voting machines. They may be suffering from a glitch-itch to cast a straight Republican ticket. Sticky little devils.

Help rid Washington of political corruption by voting for a team, genuine and presidential, intelligent and inclusive, substantial and grounded; vote Obama/Biden and steer this country to the mountaintop Dr. King glimpsed in a dream!

Obama's tax cuts will help working people, and not just put them on welfare-feeling rolls. The Obama/Biden Administration will tighten the straps on wasteful government spending and corset political waistlines, showing GOP movers and shakers how thoughtless the decision to drop big bucks on Palin's pantsuits, and use the excuse that when the Governor is finished styling and profiling, they will be handed down to charities. Somebody should poll the women waiting outside Goodwill to determine if they'd rather eat or shelter themselves or wear Palin's hand-me-downs. Maybe then we can talk about the necessity of having good decision-making skills before we via for a position as powerful as the Presidency and Vice Presidency.

Say thank you to those Republicans slashing their television advertising at Colorado's three biggest television stations. With your vote, let them know how sensible that move was!

Quit focusing on the Bradley Blunder Blooper! We know folks will say they're voting a particular way in certain audiences and slip behind the curtain and vote the opposite. You go do you---vote Obama/Biden and sing it loud proud all the way to the polls and back home! It'll get your lungs in party form. A celebration is forthcoming.

Vote for your great-grandparents and their parents who never imagined men of character could ever stand at the helm of a political party and reflect their interests.

Be charitable! Take somebody with you when you head to the polls. Each one, bring one. Remember: the more the merrier!

It's A Golden Life, for real, baby, and we're living in a time in which this country is called to live up to the true meaning of its creed, and be a nation where all men are created equal with the right to the pursuit of happiness---and that freedom and happiness must be safeguarded with an Obama/Biden ballot!

Golden Blessings,

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