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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fiona Zedde's Latest Bad Girl, Wynne, In Her New Novel, NIGHTSHADE

Award-Winning Author FIONA ZEDDE Releases New Novel

Five questions answered about Fiona Zedde’s latest Bad Girl character, Wynne, from her new novel, Nightshade:

1)      Boxers, briefs, or bare?

This woman loves to go bare (or wear a soft pair of barely-there thongs for pleasure and play) as she goes about her killer business. For her, being an assassin is serious and elegant work. The last thing she wants to do is ruin the look of a pair of steel gray trousers with panty lines.

2)      What’s Wynne’s favorite sexual position and why?

Despite her intense and sometimes harsh line of work, she loves the Mandarin Ducks a.k.a. spoon position. When she has the pleasure of waking up with a woman in her bed, she loves to scoop in from behind to tenderly touch and stroke her lover to wakefulness, caressing her body and whispering morning greetings in her receptive ear. And most importantly for that position, she doesn’t like anyone to see her coming.

3)      Sushi, hamburger, or tofu stir-fry?

All of the above. My favorite assassin has an unlimited appetite for most things, whether they be food, women, or wine. If it’s delicious or different, she’ll try it at least thrice.

4)      What is her greatest regret? Her greatest joy?

Her greatest regret is that she was not there to save her parents from the fire that killed them when she was a child. Her greatest joy is the love she has for her four god-children. They will appear in a later story where she is put in the position of having to choose between them, true love, and her life as a killer for hire.

5)      Where did her name come from?

Her name means “dark and pure.” Her mother, a professor of Celtic Literature and History at the University of Toronto, found the name in an old manuscript in Wales as a young woman and immediately fell in love with it.

Plus a bonus question from a long-time reader and all around awesome woman, Starlita Johnson

After you finish writing your books, do any of them change during the edit process?      Do you have an example story line change?

_Yes, it happens every once in a while. The first time was with Bliss—in the original version, Sinclair returns to the United States at the end of the book and Hunter follows to win her back—and the second with Every Dark Desire. In Desire, the book initially ended with Chapter 30, Kylie did not return to Belle as a vampire.

Want to enter the drawing to win a free e-book version of Nightshade? Log onto Fiona’s Facebook author page, “LIKE” it, and leave the comment “Enter Me” on the page. Winners will be announced via my newsletter, Facebook page, and blog on May 1st.

                                                                       Fiona Zedde
                                                   Author Pic By SheDriven Photography


Jamaican-born Fiona Zedde currently lives and writes in Tampa, Florida. She is the author of five novels of erotic lesbian romance -- Bliss, A Taste of Sin, Every Dark Desire, Hungry for It, and Dangerous Pleasures -- two of which were finalists for the Lambda Literary Award. Her latest work, Nightshade: A Novella, is available now as an ebook and in print. Find out more at

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