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Friday, March 9, 2012

Dr. Victoria Lynn Schmidt Encourages Writers Via BIAM!

A beloved, Las Vegas friend, Nik Nicholson, invited me to join her on a writer's adventure last year! Our noble mission: write a book in a month! At first, I wondered if she was serious but she didn't sound inebriated and there was a determined essence in her voice. I could feel her persistence, her fire to blaze that unprecedented trail.

So I consented. And so did three other writing friends.

Nik walked the road she set for her indomitable pen, over job stress and family life and whatever else she had to overcome to meet her goal. At the culmination of a month, the good sister had that "fast" written manuscript ready for edits. On the other hand, I bailed. With 1,000 excuses strapped to my ankles. But something in me beckoned, the forefinger summoning me back to the drawing board. "We never give up, Heifer!" it scolded me, rolling its eyes.

It may not be now, but you, young lady, will sit to meet this goal. Nothing is insurmountable...if you give it your best. Then I mused: Did I really give it my best? Deep within, I knew I hadn't. A door opened and I dashed.

Now I walk up to the challenge again. Resolved, indomitable and elated---I am telling The Golden Goddess, Ms. Claudia, you can, you must and you will. It's a simple as that!

So, beloveds, in April, (yes, next month) come hell or high water, I undertake the mammoth venture of completing the first draft of my new novel, NOT WITHOUT PASSION. Not only will I have the initial write, but also I will rewrite the manuscript and include subplots and anything else the second write should possess in May. Afterwards, off to a potential publisher it will traipse, high stepping it all the way.

In dedicating myself to the undertaking, I decided to invite the lovely Dr. Victoria Lynn Schmidt to A Golden Life to share her pearls of writing wisdom...with me and any other writing soul out there who could benefit from her encouragement and expertise. I must say, I reached out and Dr. Schmidt received me graciously. She consented to my request with the warmth that only a master teacher can exude to those who come to sip of her knowledge. Thus, without further ado, I give you V.L. Schmidt!

"I'm so happy to be visiting with you all on the Golden Goddess! I know many of you are pursuing writing a book in a month, or at least just spitting out a draft of it which is wonderful. You will be far ahead of most writers out there who never actually get to 'the end' so be sure you pay attention to the 'celebration stage' you deserve it!

Try to think of things in terms of steps. Try not to see the whole manuscript in the beginning, just see the first page, the first chapter. Take that first step. Don't stop to take care of anything else, don't worry about things being perfect. The stars will never align. You just have to take that first step and get things rolling. THE STARS WILL NEVER ALIGN PERFECTLY! Don't wait.

Also, start every writing period congratulating yourself. Take a moment to look back at all the pages you have written and feel good about it. We often go crazy staring at where we need to go that we forget to take pride in what we have already accomplished. Be good to yourself and your muse will show up. It's like we climb to the top of a mountain and worry about the next mountain, instead of taking a moment to see the glorious view in front of us already. Writing is a journey.

A bit of practical advice - be sure you create back ups! I just heard from another writer who lost all her files to a virus. E-mail your ms to yourself at the end of the day at the very least if you have to. Your work is precious, take care of it."

This is the BIAM book that guides me on my voyage! I have been rereading it to reintroduce myself to my support system. This time, together, we will dock in a port of phantasmagorical accomplishments!

Thank you, Dr. Schmidt, for the beauty of your presence in the world!

Victoria says:

"I am an author, instructor, and holistic-minded explorer of psychology, spirituality, and creativity. My books combine my unique interests in ways that allow my readers to think differently about subjects while offering them practical tools to explore things on their own.

My first book series is the best selling Creative Writing Series – 45 Master Characters, Story Structure Architect, and Book in a Month. These books combine all of the above to show readers around the world how to hone their craft and reach their dream of writing a book or screenplay. (45 Master Characters was recently translated into Korean)"

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Artist CG said...

Kudos to you for taking on such a mammoth challenge Claudia!!! Woman...u will never be without passion!

A Golden Life... said...

Hey, Colette!

Thank you so much for that beautiful thought, Lady!! The challenge will discipline me to sit and get the word count in or the page count, as Victoria says.

Yes, passion drives me. ;)) Right now, I am called within to my meditation sofa, before I return to work on my fiction proposal. Am excited.

Then it's on to other delights. I am so excited about showcasing you on A Golden Life, Artist CG!!!

You are amazing...truly!

Much love,