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Monday, December 7, 2009

The Healing Patch Raw Cuisine Interview....

Earlier this year, I walked into a West End restaurant, Healthy Essence, here in Atlanta, GA, with a friend, and discovered the joys of raw vegetarian cuisine! Though the restaurant wasn't large, and some might have coined it a "hole in the wall," the menu offerings were life-changing. I'd never tasted raw kale, never enjoyed several of the other delectable-looking dishes under the glass counter top. The experience was so memorable, I shuttled my sisters and friends to the restaurant, enlightening as many loved ones as possible to the joys of healthy, wholesome eating.
Difficult to please when it comes to new restaurants, my younger sisters, Bernadette and Glenda, were easy converts after one meal at Healthy Essence. Together, we changed our diets and enriched our lives...until we fell off the horse and plunged back into processed and cooked tried-and-true buttery, fatty, sugary dishes we had previously consumed...well, them more them me...por supuesto! Yes, you can imagine our love handles walked right in the front door with us as a result of our back-sliding eating habits.
Then out of the beautiful blue of the cyber world, Sarah Woodward e-mailed me on BlogTalkRadio and invited me to interview her and her partner, Julie Hoffenberg, about their journey toward becoming their divinely, healthy best. Sarah alluded to their stellar cookbook, The HEALING PATCH RAW CUISINE COOKBOOK, and I was hooked. I had to know more!
Once I contacted them, I felt as if someone had dropped me off on the set of "The Color Purple." There WAS a goddess, and I'd found two: Sarah and Julie! You won't find two more delightful ladies nor a more beautiful, resourceful, and charming couple.
This Thursday, December 10, 2009, I will have the honor and pleasure of interviewing them on my Internet radio show at www.Blogtalkradio/theSiren. Tune in by calling my constant Call-In Number 347-677-1772 at 7 p.m. Sarah and Julie will share their engaging paths to the delights of raw vegetarian cuisine. I will be the richer for having joined us.
Can't you tell how enchanted I am?
They are kind, informative, joyous and playful! I can barely wait to get to the Farmer's Market tomorrow to buy organic zucchini and to Wal-mart for a food processor, as their version of Mediterranean hummus is at the top of my "Things to Do" list. So make that move. Don't go gently into your delicious future of healthy raw dishes! Dash into it! Jog! Sprint! Skateboard! Do whatever you have to do to make it happen. Reclaim your health, and fight for a more enjoyable future by making the decision to be the best you can be today!
I can just see my sisters and me around our tables of talk, dining on savory vegetarian and fruity meals straight from the Healing Patch. Oh, don't worry! I'll write a review of the recipes and include my favorite dishes, of which there will be many. I can feel it!
Sarah and Julie are mavericks at technology so look for the Healing Patch Raw Cuisine on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, BlogTalkRadio and their own site,
Happy Eating....and...Happy Learning....
El 7 de diciembre, 2009

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