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Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Dating After 40: Let me count the challenges?"

I was sitting on my blue floral office sofa one evening, just thinking to myself....hmmmm, what does the dating scene look like to women after their 50th birthday.
Shucks, let me get a range going here. For that matter, what does it look like for women on their 40th birthday and beyond? There! That's it!
Is it better? Worse? Lonelier?
More adventurous? Less chaotic? Sexier?
I considered the various online dating site. The mag articles about dating do's and don't's. Advice one gets from friends, family, strangers.

The investigative lady under my FBI cap, that darling resting in my red and black Stone Mountain-climbing gear, with her nifty little black intelligent glasses, desired to KNOW what other folks, 40 and beyond, had to say about the topic. What 39 and under had to say? With those thoughts percolating under my Sisterlocks, my friend Sunn zaps me an e-mail with a note indicating that she'd found a woman with an engaging---I think those were her words---smile, and she thought I should meet her online.

I corresponded with the woman. Her e-mails unveiled a distinctly original voice, tinged with humor, and a healthy critical view of online dating. I read her words and giggled. She was good. Had personality. Some of her views mirrored mine. We exchanged a few more yahoo e-mails, and then she found me, I think, on MySpace, and by that time, the idea to dialogue with her on the issue of dating blues after 40 formed like shifting clouds in the horizon of my mind. So I presented the idea to her and she accepted.

That is how my Special Guest and I have come to agree to meet here, on this Saturday, June 20th, 2009, in the morning, whenever she rises, to appear electronically on this very hallowed blogging site. We shall pour ourselves into honestly discussing this luscious issue.

Hopefully, you will join us and invite your friends. Drag everybody to the table. Some of our younger dears date older lovers. Their opinions are invaluable. Some of our older sweethearts adore younger mates. As usual, I welcome everyone--lesbian and straight women alike! Whatever rocks your boat floats mine! All I want is to see you here reveling in good talk, and if we generate enough furor, I'll schedule a blog talk radio show on the subject, on the, and we'll charge forward the issue held high above our heads as we gallop atop the bucking steeds of our thoughts!

On Saturday, I suspect you should check this site around 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. EST, considering my Special Guest isn't a morning person, and if I stay up late on Friday night, I won't be as fresh as sunflowers myself. So...there you have it.


Dating Goddess said...

Good topic! Dating after 40 and 50 has it's own opportunities and challenges. We discuss many of them at Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40, . I invite you to join the conversation.

Dating Goddess

A Golden Life... said...

Hola Dating Goddess!
Just left your site and enjoyed it immensely, as it is brimming with tasty tidbits of information, no matter your sexual orientation. And I adore a great story, of which you have a wealth.
I'm on my way to a gala at Zoo Atlanta right now, so I'll have to sit around and visit with you later!
Muchas gracias for taking time out to comment.
Do come back tomorrow morning, if you can, as I'd love to have you for our discussion.

Paz y bendiciones,

Kiya said...

Good Morning!

I'll get right to it.
I have a question; When did it become "okay" to date online? Wow, that even sounds strange to me. "Online dating"?
My experience has been, and this was only a few short years ago, that it was a taboo subject, somewhat of an embarrassment.
The idea of attempting to meet someone online was left to shutins, those who were very shy, and people with low self esteem etc...
People didn't admit being on an online dating least not to their friends.
Now, I find myself, although not full immersed, curious about it.

Any takers?

A Golden Life... said...

Buenos dias, Kiya!
My first Special Guest on this site! Welcome to the Golden World of the GoldenGoddess! Bienvenido!
And a warm welcome goes out to Shirley M., a beloved good/girlfriend of mine, who has graciously consented to joining us for this dating discussion.
Hopefully, the Dating Goddess is or will be here very soon, as well!