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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Scenes from the Heartland

My paternal grandparents' five-room mansion in Tuskegee, Alabama. Will and Sophia Moss reigned supreme in my adolescent memory here.
A side view of Grandma's house. Since she was the last to live in it, outside of my brother Delton when she passed, I think of the house as Grandma's.
A view up the road from the house, on the right, where Cousin Tot and Cousin Walter used to live. Their grown children have returned to the land now.
The sun was setting on my walk one day during Thanksgiving 08.
This is my gorgeous knee-baby sis Athera Everlener and her dashing hubby, Terrence, better known as T-Man. They reside in Florida.
My pretty baby sis Katarina, who was named after the Olympic skating star Katarina DeWitt, with her baby son, Man.
My son Avery, chillin' in my busy office
My niece and I post up on the steps of my Dad's new church in Little Texas, Alabama.
My knee-baby sis, Miz Glenda, regaling the camera in her home.
My twin brother, Claude, and my fabulous Aunt Marion, Mama's baby sister.
Sister Bernadette, "Chicken," and Unca Tang-Tang, Gladys' brother
My nephews with Calvin's children (Acy is on the right)
Members of the family pose for Christmas pics.
Down in Florida, I prepare to enjoy dinner and jazz with baby sis and hubby at Mango's, while Auntie Tawanna babysits their three sons.
Gorgeous Auntie Marion and her handsome man, Unca Herman.
My exciting sister Glenda and her friend, Steph!
Girls just wanna have fun, from the big to the little ones. That's my little cousin between me and Chicken, and of course my tiny niece, Mykaila.
The fam will pose in a heartbeat!
Chicken and Daddy
Mykaila and Man
I stand strong, like a tree in the sun.
I can still feel the good times when I drive up in the yard.

The house next door to Grandma's is the new homestead. Our cars fill the yard when we visit, and my dad and stepmom are elated to have everyone home.
Heading back down road
My oldest sis, Diane Louise, and her baby girl, Whitney, and her son Kenny and my nephews, Calvin and Acy.
My stepmom, Gladys, takes her daily stroll.
I have always loved trees.
I remember the old lady who used to live here. Her mailbox yet held vestiges of her mail no one had removed.
Deer hunters rumbling towards their venison.
There's my little Mykaila
A view from the left, up the road
I could walk this road forever. It reminds me of the road in Flannery O'Connor's story about Pheonix, the old Black woman hunting medicine for her grandson.
There are patches of water on the land.
Gladys gets her exercise now, even if she goes it alone.
My dad on his tractor, doing what he loves to do, as Unca Tang makes his way to the house.
Cousin Tot's boy's home
Family in the distance
The graveyard behind my deacon dad's church
Here we go again, grinning for posterity
Me gusta la tierra...

My brother-in-law, Rosevelt Stitts, graces Grandma's porch with me last Thanksgiving '08.
A fruit tree grows in my dad's front yard steps away from Sister Katarina's car.

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