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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Welcome Another Happy New Year!

Oh my God!

It's another year! 2009!

I can barely believe it, but it's true. I'm entering this one with so much behind me and a plethora of blessings before me. With gratitude at the center of my being, I sit here in my third-floor office listening to the sounds of another amazing night, this one feeling much like the magical night the country embraced her First Black President. Gunshots explode in the distant silence. Traffic hums. Night voices punctuate the stillness. Down the hall, my bedroom phone rings. And I let it ring, determined as I am to sit with my thoughts after being away from my blog writing since early November.

Yet I shall not revile me. After all, I adore Miz Me!

Behind me, I think back on the passing of the Magnanimous Eartha Kitt, a lovely legend, a woman who, in my eyes, was not only The Most Exciting Woman in the World, but also The Most Beautiful Woman in the World. Those cheekbones, that nose, those lips, the facial structure, the exquisite body and that renown voice and purr! Eartha, a singing wonder, was a burlesque beauty. An actress. A mother. What I adored about Miss Kitt the most was her ability to live the life she desired, no regrets.

And tonight as I perch daintily on the edge of this chair before this keyboard, I vow to live like Eartha Kitt---freely, boldly, creatively. I will walk up to my fears. Look them in the heart and proceed to do everything under the sun that I wish to do. I will embrace my unique beauty, not bowing to emulate others, but understand the blessing in who and what the Divine made me. I am my own blueprint; therefore, I will live the impress that I am and be satisfied with the extent of my reach. The same Power that animates me, animates anyone I might have envied, so why envy.

Time is too precious, life too amazing.

Like Barack, I will dream the impossible dream; I will reach for the unreachable star. Fearlessly, I will walk out on the limb, same as I walked out on that tenuous limb and left the classroom, to live a life I only dreamed of. I will keep my vow: to walk by faith and not by sight.

It's 11:55 PM.

I'll not wait to dub myself a maverick. I'll run out onto the field and learn in the process, like Palen, and I'll enjoy it, contrary to what the crowds may think.

Before me, as the clock ticks down to 2009, I resolve to live life richly and with wild abandon, relishing love and sex and food with identical enthusiasm. I'll not put myself away to spoil in a corner of a chilly refrigerator. I will surrender to the moment, the here and now. I will accept the gifts of the Divine without the inclination to horde. I will share in and out of plenty. I will remain in this seat and continue writing, although the gunshots outside my window are fierce and heart stopping. I vow to hurdle all fear as I race toward my dreams. I will write, read, dance, act, and travel.

I will support the dreams of others where time and inclination dictate. I will uplift with my words. I resolve to think the best before I ponder the worst. I will love me as no other can love me, while loving others regally. I will look for the blessing in the madness. Unbound, I will welcome good-bye if another doesn't wish to stay, and likewise, I will embrace the liberty to depart when my heart says move on, knowing there is no beginning or ending in the timelessness of Spirituality. I will love with an open heart, like India sings so eloquently.

It is already 13 minutes into a New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Remember the greatest gift you can ever offer another is your time. The Divine has graced us with another golden year. I promise to live mine to the fullest...starting right now. What will you do with yours?

Besos y bendiciones,
The Golden Goddess

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